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Author: C Chaithanya

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Scheduled Task/Job(T1053)

Overview: What are scheduled tasks?? Scheduled tasks are containers that contain information about what should happen and at what time. In a nutshell,” scheduled tasks are events which occur at certain time intervals under specified conditions like once an hour, once a day, once in a fortnight, once a month”. For instance, one can set…
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Command and Scripting Interpreter (T1059)

Overview: What is an interpreter?? According to computer science, “Interpreter is a computer program that executes the instructions present in a program or scripting language, without the need of compiling it beforehand i.e. converting it into a machine/byte code.” We have a  number of interpreted languages like Perl, Python,Matlab, Lua, JavaScript and etc. What are…
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Email Security(T1566)

Email: Email, short for “Electronic mail” is one of the most used services by the netizens along with the web services. It allows them to communicate across the world sending messages to and from anyone with the help of known email addresses. It uses multiple TCP/IP protocols, for its functionality as mentioned below: SMTP: simple…
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Replication Through Removable Media(T1091)

Overview: The above mentioned title” REPLICATION BY REMOVABLE MEDIA “ means spreading of a malevolent program through some removable devices like USB device, floppy, CD, External hard drives and etc. by copying or reproducing itself.   With the evolution in the field like IT industry, many advanced technologies and services came into existence. All these…
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Valid Accounts(T1078)

Introduction: There’s no doubt about it, attackers want your credentials more than anything, especially administrative credentials. Valid accounts in a nutshell, “Accounts which are acceptable or authenticated”. One of the stages in the MITRE’s attack life cycle is the evasion of the defensive solutions put in place by the network defenders. Most cybersecurity defences are…
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Exploit Public Facing Application(T1190)

Introduction: What would an attacker wish to do? It’s like, he/she will try to get ACCESS i.e. INITIAL ACCESS (trying various means to get into a secured network). After gaining access he/she can do many nefarious activities to name a few, we have: – Obtain lists of valid user, computer names and network information. Modify server and network configurations,…
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