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Author: Harisuthan

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Supply Chain Attack of FireEye

OVERVIEW In this cyber era computers are became our daily part of our lives, we using it for many purposes like entertainment, jobs and much more this would be the great achievement among humans but at one point this development would start threatening and it became weaponizing, we came across many historic attacks like Stuxnet,…
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Windows Management Instrumentation [T1047]

Introduction Configuration management still plays a vital role in many IT and non-IT firm, now-a-days companies started recruiting peoples like system admins for the configuration and updating of the system, it been more difficult to manage such a huge task like configuring and monitoring each and every computer in an IT firm, Microsoft has planned…
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Inter Process Communication [T1559]

OVERVIEW Computers have been evolved over the past decade, we can observe many changes in the computer architecture and design like the tremendous evolution from the punch card to quantum computing. In this journey of evolution, we can observe many new technologies that have replaced the existing one. Before we jump into the topic we…
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Abusing System Services [T1569] to maintain persistance

OVERVIEW Before the period of automation people started spending their time on manual works, like checking for updates, monthly/weekly backup etc, after the evolution of system services, corns and Launchctl, they brought a solution to the manual works and it has been considered as an evolution of automation.  Even though these techniques will result in…
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Introduction: In the past few years, browser-based exploitation has become one biggest security concern among security professionals. It’s been more difficult to implement detective and preventive measures against these types of attacks. Let us discuss the overview of drive-by compromise and brief information about some historical attack named Aurora exploit. Drive-by compromise is a technique…
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Overview: Even though the internet is one of the man’s great creation, but it has remained as a root cause for many cyber attacks. Let us discuss about cyber punk who is the root cause for many data breaches that has happened till date. Phishing is a type of social engineering attack, where the attacker…
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External Remote Services(T1133)

Introduction: Many organisations have seen a rise in security threats and attacks during the pandemic, as reported by a  cyber security firm. While 71% of those are IT and security professionals who were surveyed, reported an increase in security threats, while 61% of respondents said they were concerned about security risks caused by remote work.…
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