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Category: Execution

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Windows Management Instrumentation [T1047]

Introduction Configuration management still plays a vital role in many IT and non-IT firm, now-a-days companies started recruiting peoples like system admins for the configuration and updating of the system, it been more difficult to manage such a huge task like configuring and monitoring each and every computer in an IT firm, Microsoft has planned…
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Scheduled Task/Job(T1053)

Overview: What are scheduled tasks?? Scheduled tasks are containers that contain information about what should happen and at what time. In a nutshell,” scheduled tasks are events which occur at certain time intervals under specified conditions like once an hour, once a day, once in a fortnight, once a month”. For instance, one can set…
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Command and Scripting Interpreter (T1059)

Overview: What is an interpreter?? According to computer science, “Interpreter is a computer program that executes the instructions present in a program or scripting language, without the need of compiling it beforehand i.e. converting it into a machine/byte code.” We have a  number of interpreted languages like Perl, Python,Matlab, Lua, JavaScript and etc. What are…
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Inter Process Communication [T1559]

OVERVIEW Computers have been evolved over the past decade, we can observe many changes in the computer architecture and design like the tremendous evolution from the punch card to quantum computing. In this journey of evolution, we can observe many new technologies that have replaced the existing one. Before we jump into the topic we…
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Abusing System Services [T1569] to maintain persistance

OVERVIEW Before the period of automation people started spending their time on manual works, like checking for updates, monthly/weekly backup etc, after the evolution of system services, corns and Launchctl, they brought a solution to the manual works and it has been considered as an evolution of automation.  Even though these techniques will result in…
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